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Bread and Pasta, Oh My!

My great-grandmother Verna Materolli recounted the horror of the TB outbreak, when she was a nurse assisting patients at the Sanitorium on Woodmen, now known as Cragmore Hall on the UCCS campus. Back then, patients flocked to this location for sun, fresh air, and tipid climates during the summer for spa-like retreat to recover from the Illness. My grandmother suggested the circumstances of “lana, letto, latte” in Italian, warmth, rest, and good food was the prominent treatment prior to antibiotics, which came much later. Our local history is richer than first glance.

She taught me the importance of a clean environment, and how to ration your food supplies through the winter. Amongst the guided verbal tour through her canned food stock, she would discuss the nervousness and fear of some of her patients. One of my most cherished memories are of her teaching me her style of cooking, which included the process of fresh pasta. She did not use a dough hook, nor did she have a roller/cutter, rather, she had cut each noodle the same way her mother taught her. Being from Italian decent, producing one's own pasta is a right of passage.

Having been a surgical assistant for over 23 years, I find myself wanting to help the local community in this time of need. The Covid-19 panic buying has, unfortunately, cause a run on some of the most basic kitchen staples--like bread and noodles. Not having the outlet, medically, to assist my community, I decided to begin the process of offering baked goods to my local community as a positive contribution. Those of you familiar with my site know that I am a local artist, who also uplifts other artists on my website:, which is a virtual gallery.

While we do not have a brick-n-mortar store at this time. We are offering home baked goods under the Cottage Act of Colorado that allows home baked goods to be sold up to a certain monetary amount, without a license. I am excited to offer this service to my community as a way of being grateful for them.

Two of my sons recently go laid off due to the virus, and this one way, we a family can work together to serve our community.

Thank you Great-Grandma Matteroli for your service and dedication to those patients effected by TB, and thank you for teaching me how to make my own noodles.

If my followers are interested, they can join me on 95.7 Fm this evening @ 5:30 for a short interview. Stay Health and Safe My Friends! --Jenny

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