Steve Tommey

Steve Tommey

Charcoal on Paper, Original by Bob Tommey. 

His son Steve Tommey is the subject.  This was verified by Steve. 

(Custom framing available.)

  • Artist' Bio -- Bob Tommey

    Bob Tommey, nationally known painter and sculptor, was born March 2, 1928 in Ozan, Arkansas. He is best known for his Western Art and is an admired and respected art teacher with a long list of successful artists who credit Bob's expertise for their achievements.
    Since 1978, he has been a founder and driving force behind the Midwest Gathering of the Artists show held annually in his adopted home of Carthage, Missouri.

    Bob Tommey is an artist…who chooses to do western art. The genre has been a joy and chosen life work since he was a boy dreaming of being a cowboy. Born March 2, 1928 in Ozan, Arkansas, Bob’s love of art consumed him and caused him to suffer many indignities in his youth, as “drawing pictures” was not considered to be an “honorable” profession among family members. And teachers failed him regularly since schoolwork always placed a distant second to his ultimate passion…art.

    Overcoming the lack of early support, Bob joined the Army and began his artistic career by illustrating manuals and sketching for his buddies. In 1948, he moved to Dallas, Texas to be a fashion illustrator and, later, moved on to calendar art. He began working for a local airline to support his family and worked there for 20 years while painting well into the wee hours of the morning to satisfy his need to depict the Old West in oil and sculpture.

    In the 1960’s, Bob started participating in and even helping to start some of the larger western art shows in Dallas, Texas…North Fork & North Platt, Nebraska… Ellensburg, Montana…Spokane, Washington. With two friends, Bob started the Midwest Gathering of the Artists in 1977 in Carthage, Missouri. The art show and auction has continued for 28 years featuring the finest artists and their work from across the United States. A member of the Texas Cowboy Artists Association, Bob was named Texas Cowboy Artist of the year in 1981. Also that year, Bob finally quit his airline job and moved to Carthage establishing his art studio and gallery there while traveling to as many as eleven major art shows a year. In 1986, he teamed with sculptor Bill Snow to create a bronze tribute to zoologist, television personality and former Carthage resident Marlin Perkins who died in June of that year. The bronze was erected in Carthage Central Park and formally dedicated in April 1988.

    “Composition, color and light…that’s what I strive for…” he says of his work which derives from his imagination and is supported by thousands of photos he has taken from trips, visits to “Mountain Man” rendezvous’ and scenes from his acreage on the Tommey compound in Carthage. He has worked in Oil, pastel, pen and ink, watercolor, and pencil. But sculpture is his favorite “I often say, I do painting so I can afford to be a sculptor.”

    Bob is a truly gifted artist whose abilities are legend for anyone who appreciates a master of fine art. A man of true humility, Bob would tell you that hard work and practice can make anyone an artist. He has rightfully earned the title “Teacher of Teachers” and the list of successful artists who give him credit for their knowledge of the craft is extensive.


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