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30 Seconds = A BETTER DAY!

Do you want to start your day off on a better foot? Those of us, who are trying everything towards leaning your day in a more positive direction have done the meditation, the exercise, and eaten just the right breakfast, but have you tried this?

Are you rushing through your morning routine, only to find that the rush causes a loss of the elevated feeling that occurs just after meditation?

During your morning "Get Ready" Routine, perhaps you could consider taking 30 seconds towards regaining that momentum of "feel good" emotion and vitality. Take just 30 seconds and lube up your feet, with your favorite lotion or oils, and rub your feet. It releases endophines, which have the power to uplift your on your launch for the day.

Even Harvard Medical School agrees that rubbing your feet promotes good health:

Wishing your a BETTER day today,


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