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The Woman in the Mirror

When I am getting ready in the morning, I take for granted the creation of the mirror. I never find myself staring into it, wondering what chemical or compound allows for a crisper reflection. No. I am too busy nit picking those attributes that irritate me, about me. "Why does the make up absorb so fast?. I use primer. Why was I born with crooked this, or why is my hair so entirely difficult?" Oh the inner dialog. I dare you to wake up and pay attention to how you speak to yourself.

Change comes in the awareness of "that which we have always done," and deciding to move in another direction.

Challenge for today: Spend five minutes affirming everything you LOVE about yourself in the mirror. Talk about your dreams, goals, and ambitions as though they have already come to pass, and promise yourself not to complain about yourself or anyone else. Walk into your day, and focus on what you love about the world, so the woman in the mirror smiles back at you in gratitude for being uplifting and kind to her.

You are not alone,


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