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Open Up

It was nearly sunrise, with the strong tap of the composers wand, the birds clear their tones in preparation for the big event. As the light introduces itself to the rounded edges of the morning dew, with hues of alabaster, mango, tangent green, and indigo reflecting back upon the landscape, a tiny honey bee intimately chats with my neighboring peony, like friends reuniting after 10 years. Oh what a connection.

The youngest of the ladybugs, having only one dot to brag about, glides nimbly over the new sprout off my morning glories in search of a divine mentor, who might guide him towards the next steps.

The rooster howls at the injustice of being awaken, then moves into a cocophonous rampage that instructs the waking souls towards their daily chores. Mitigating the priorities, whether to nip on a elm leaf or fly towards the more tasty offering of the apple tree, the crow flops into an instant leap in the knowing of that answer.

Mr. Iris unlocks his arms and spreads them in praise of the possibilities of the new day, in shock of the new developments popping up now in sprigs from where there was nothing. A lopping hare dips into the shadow of grandpa thistle, unaware of the looming threats, but feeling a sense of the need to take cover.

The snap of a toad's sating hunger, reminds the crow of the increase in midges, newly hatched from the lily pond full of black, white, and sunset orange Koi clan.

Ode to the awareness of the microcosm as the details come into focus, and the gratitude of having been sweep away, if only for a brief interlude.

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